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Splash Fun!

Customer reviews

    Cool lighting effects, strong sense of technology, fast water absorption, rich game modes.
    I purchased 4. 2 large, 2 small. The big gun exceeded size expectations, great quality & worth the cost.
    It happened that the kids were going to have a birthday party. I bought one for each of them, which made them have a happy day. Thanks to water splashX, I will recommend it to my friends
    I saw the store from ins. I bought two small water guns with the mentality of giving it a try. Surprisingly fun, esp. with cool night lights.

Dominate Splash

Crafted to provide power-packed water battles.
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About Us

Your Ultimate Toy Innovator!

Welcome to Water SplashX, a leading toy brand that excels in research, design, and manufacturing with numerous patented technologies. Rooted in the industry for several years, we have cultivated a cutting-edge product line that spans across three major business segments: model toys, entertainment equipment, and electronic gaming. Our relentless focus on the realm of leisure and entertainment has enabled us to establish a sustainable and dynamic industrial footprint.



With two state-of-the-art facilities covering over 10,000 square meters each, we house a workforce of over 200 skilled artisans, equipped with a fleet of advanced injection molding machines and CNC lathes. In our assembly and production workshops, we meticulously craft precision plastic and metal components, ensuring the highest quality standards for our finished products through rigorous testing and inspection.


At Water SplashX, our brand boasts a team of seasoned professionals, numbering in the dozens, who possess the expertise and ingenuity to maintain product vitality and continually develop exciting new releases. We also take pride in providing unparalleled post-sale technical support, ensuring our customers' satisfaction throughout their entire journey with our products.



Our commitment to innovation is validated by numerous utility model and appearance patents, covering a wide range of products including electric water guns, shared water gun programs, electric swimming rings, and electric motorboats. We proudly hold independent intellectual property rights for each of these cutting-edge inventions.



Join us at Water SplashX as we embark on a thrilling adventure of innovation and fun. Our dedication to excellence and unyielding passion for creating the best toys make us your ultimate toy innovator!